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Welcoming Message from the President


Message from the President of Nanjing Forestry University

       Welcome to Nanjing Forestry University, one of our country’s great public universities.

       Nanjing Forestry University has 110 years of history and a long-standing commitment to diversity, through the contributions of able faculty generation after generation and excellent students at home and abroad, we have built a university that is known for a diversity of people, heritage, academic disciplines, and scholarly pursuits.

       The very impressive range of individuals and intellectual activity is the core of our academic excellence. From 20 colleges to our fully-equipped facilities, the whole range of disciplines and their interrelationships throughout our beautiful campus are a mirror of the world we serve as a public university.

        I am also greatly impressed by the university’s engagement and commitment with more than 50 universities and research institutions from 20 countries and regions, not only do we attract excellent students at home and abroad to come to study at Nanjing, but also we work with some of our great partners in different countries to offer students opportunities and chances to make easy access to our 59 undergraduate, 90 master and 36 doctoral degree programs in various fields and areas.

       With great strength and potential and together with a complete new concept of Magnificent Classroom Buildings, Great Masters of Learning, Universal Love and Deepening of the Reform, Nanjing Forestry University, which I do believe , is exceptionally well-placed to face the future with confidence and we do appreciate your recognition of our excellence of teaching, our superb facilities and our safe and friendly environment. I am sure that coming to study in Nanjing Forestry University is your right choice.

       I look forward to welcoming you to Nanjing and to Nanjing Forestry University.

 Cao Fuliang

Professor and Ph.D