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Nanjing Forestry University has held 23 international symposia and conferences.

Conference/Symposia Held by Nanjing Forestry University

Date Name of Conferences
Oct. 2010 International Symposium on Chemical Utilization of Biomass Resources
Nov. 2009 International Conference on Logging and Industrial Ecology
Nov. 2009 The 19th International Wood Machining Seminar
Aug. 2009 The First Global Forum of Ecological Economics in Forestry
Jul. 2009 International Conference on Pine with Disease
Nov. 2008 International Conference on Pulping, Papermaking and Biotechnology on Fiber Plants
Oct. 2008 International Conference on Engineered Wood Products Based on Poplar/Willow Wood
Jun. 2006 The 4th International Poplar Symposium
Aug. 2005 The 9th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference
Oct. 2004 The 2nd International Symposium on Pulping and Papermaking Technology
Oct. 2004 The 7th International Pacific Rim-Bio-Based Composites Symposium
Sep. 2004 Nanjing IUFRO 2004 Tree Seed Symposium
Nov. 2003 International Conference on 21st Furniture Design and Manufacturing
Sep. 2002 Nanjing International Wetlands Symposium
May. 2002 International Forum on 21st Century Higher Education
Dec. 2001 International Conference on Furniture Design and Wood Machinery
Oct. 2001 International Symposium of Utilization of Agricultural and Forestry Residues
Oct. 2000 Sino-Japanese International Symposium on Utilization of Poplar Trees
Nov. 1996 International Symposium on Forest and Environment
Apr. 1995 International Conference on Pulping Technology
Oct. 1994 International Conference on Utilization of Fast-Growing Trees
Nov. 1992 International Symposium on Agro-Forestry
Oct. 1991 International Conference on Tree Seed Measurement
Sep. 1990 International Conference on Processing and Utilization of Forest Products
Oct. 1989 International Symposium on Wood Processing


3rd International Symposium on Veneer Processing and Products   China-Italy Furniture Industry Seminar, 2006   International Conference on Engineering Wood Products Based on Poplar/Willow Wood   International Conference on Pulping, Papermaking and Biotechnology 2008   IUFRO Tree Seed Symposium   Nanjing International Wetland Synposium held in NFU in 2002   President Cao Fuliang making a speech at the opening ceremony of the First Global Forum of Ecology   Symposium on Utilization of Agricutural and Forestry Residues   The 7th Pacific Rim Bio-Based Composites Symposium   The 19th International Wood Machining Seminar   NFU holding the fourth International Poplar Symposium in 2006