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Application Procedure

The application time is usually from March to June or from September to December, and the enrollment time is in early September or in early March.


There is no deadline of application for short-time training programs. It usually starts three months before the program begins.


Upon acceptance, NFU will send all qualified applicants ‘The Notice for Admission’ issued by NFU and ‘Application Form for Study in China’ (JW 202 Form) issued by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.


The qualified applicants will apply for an ‘X’ visa at your nearest Chinese Embassy or General Consulate with photocopies of the following documents: ‘The Notice for Admission’ and JW 202 Form, the physical examination record for Foreigner and results of your blood chemistry tests (this physical examination record is only for those who plan to study more than 6 months at NFU).


Keep the originals, since you must bring them with you and submit them upon arrival and registration at NFU.

(NOTE: Students who plan to study more than half a year at NFU must apply for an ‘X’ visa, ‘F’ visas are for students whose planned duration of study is 180 days or less; students who hold any other type of visa will not be able to complete registration formalities.)