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Professors from the University of Lorraine, France Visited NFU


Professor Xavier Deglise, Professor Antonio Pizzi, Professor Nicolas Brosse and Professor Laurent Chrusciel from the UniversityofLorraine,Francevisited NFU on October 18. Vice President of NFU Professor Li Pingping conferred the concurrent professorships to Professor Brosse and Professor Chrusciel, both from LERMAB Laboratory, Science and Technical Faculty. Professor Brosse focuses his research on organic chemistry, polymer chemistry synthesis, biomass materials, wood cellulose, extraction, characterization and application of polymerized polyphenol polymer materials and has published more than 60 papers. Professor Chrusciel’s research areas are wood drying, mass and heat transfer of wood, wood chemistry and biomass materials.  


The cooperation between NFU and the UniversityofLorrainehas been more than two decades during which 5 Ph.Ds and 3 post doctor researchers have been co-trained and witness a large number of exchanges of faculties, publications and lectures.