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NFU and AAMU Are Planning to Build a Confucius Institute Together


NFU and AAMU are planning to build a Confucius Institute together at Huntsville,Alabama. On October 17, accompanied by Ms. Li Pingping (vice president of NFU) and Mr. Fang Shengzuo (director of Office of International Exchange of NFU) Mr. Andrew Hugine Jr., president of AAMU, visited Chinese Hanban Headquarters inBeijing.

Mr. Hugine expressed the strong desire among the local community to establish a Confucius Institute. He believed that with its strategic location in North Alabama,Huntsville(the city where AAMU is located) would not only serve the college and university students in the region in fulfilling the objectives of the “100,000 Strong Initiative” initiated by President Obama but the larger community as well.  

Confucius Institute is not a university in the general sense, but a non-profitable educational and cultural exchange establishment joint run by a foreign university and its Chinese partner university, aiming at meeting the worldwide needs of learning Chinese language and Chinese culture, improving the cooperation and exchange betweenChinaand other nations, and developing friendship with people around the world. Nowadays, Confucius institutes over the world offer classes of Chinese language as well as various cultural and educational exchange programs. They have received warm welcome from the local communities and they are regarded as important places for the learning of Chinese language and the introduction of contemporary China.