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Delegation of NFU Visited Northumbria University

Invited by Professor Paul Croney, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Northumbria University in UK, a delegation of NFU headed by President Cao Fuliang paid a visit to UK from April 1-6.
Professor Paul Croney, together with Mr. Robert Carthy, Director of International Development, Mr. Craig Moore, Associate Dean of Faculty of Design, and two other staff from Design Faculty met with the delegation. The two parties agreed to extend cooperation in the future and exchanged ideas of mutual interests. The two parties reached mutual recognition about student exchange program, young faculty training, management, curriculum reform, etc. The two parties agreed that:
1. Northumbria University will accept 10 young academics from NFU to learn course for half a year to one year. The academics should be able to teach in English when they are back in China.
2. Northumbria University agreed to send teachers for intensive teaching in NFU.
3. The two parties agreed to continue the “3+1”program and promoted “3+1+1” program which will select outstanding students in “3+1” program to further their master degree study in Northumbria with a discount of 20% in tuition fees. The top student will have a discount of 30% in tuition fees.