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The Program of Packaging Engineering and Design


The Program of Packaging Engineering and Design in Nanjing Forestry University was established in 2000, and began to recruit undergraduates in 2001. Since the development of more than ten years, a great senior talent training system has been built. The undergraduate major of packaging engineering is subordinated to engineering and awarded a bachelor's degree in engineering for four years. Meanwhile, our department recruit graduate students in the direction of packaging materials and engineering under the materials science. In 2011, Packaging Engineering became the first one to obtain the certification qualification of three-level packaging designer in Jiangsu Province. This major is the member of Chinese Packaging Education Committee, Packaging Dynamics Committee of the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering, Chinese Timber Standardization Technical Committee, Committee of Nanjing Packaging Technology Association and the editorial committee of “Journal of Packaging Engineering”. Also, the professors of this program work as the experts on the project evaluation of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and as the vice president of the Nanjing Packaging Technology Federation, and the visiting professor of Kyoto University, respectively.

Packaging Engineering combines the major advantages of Nanjing Forestry University with the first-class disciplines of forestry engineering and the National Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Mechanical and Electrical products Packaging Biomass Materials. Specifically, relying on the national key disciplines of "Wood Science and Technology", this program has formed the specialty characteristics of "development of biomass packaging materials and the application of packaging design system" in the field of packaging science and technology education. Teachers in this program have a multi-disciplinary background, combining science with art, which have formed their own characteristics in green packaging materials, logistics and transportation packaging design, packaging testing technology, packaging structure design and packaging modeling and decoration design (the prize got in 2013 WPO WorldStar, Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Certificate of Merit of the WPO WorldStar Student 2013

Teacher Profile: All teachers in this program have Ph.D. degree and overseas study experience. At present, there are 9 professional teachers, including 4 professors, 3 associate professors and 1 senior experimenter. Moreover, there are 4 doctoral supervisor, 4 master supervisor, working on the research of packaging engineering.

Scientific research profile: All teachers in this program have rich scientific research experience including the project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Special National Key R&D Plan, Ministry of Education Youth Art Fund, Ministry of Education key laboratory opening projects and so on. In recent years, more than 200 papers have been published in the well-known academic journals in domestic China and overseas. Moreover, more than 30 invention patents have been authorized.

Direction of employment: Students will be awarded a bachelor degree of engineering after graduation. The employment situation of packaging engineering is good with 100% annual employment rate. Every year, more than 60% students are employed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas. The graduate enrollment rate is more than 20% and a number of students go abroad for further study. At present, Some students work in Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing Institute of Technology and other colleges, as well as some national administrative institutions. Graduates are mainly employed in electronics, automobile, logistics, food, textile, printing, construction, machinery and other national leading industries. They are engaged in logistics, transportation, packaging design, packaging decoration design, packaging brand planning, packaging structure design, packaging system solution planning, packaging quality testing, packaging enterprise management, packaging material development and application. In detail, some students get positions in Pepsi Cola, Ford, Nissan, ASUS, sharp, Mengniu, COFCO, Suning, Yurun, Yutong, Meiyingsen, Shanying, Shanghai Jifeng Packaging Paper Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises in domestic China and overseas.

Overseas education: In 2017, we signed a "3 + 2" cooperative education project with Rochester Institute of Technology, namely the joint training of undergraduate and master students of  packaging engineering major. That is, students study in Nanjing Forestry University for the first three years and then move to Rochester Institute of technology for the next two years’ study. After a total of five years, students who meet graduation requirements can obtain a bachelor degree from Nanjing Forestry University and a graduate degree from Rochester Institute of technology at the same time. For the detail:

Academic Expectations

1) Students enrolling in the Partnerships Program must maintain full-time status during each academic year, and make satisfactory progress toward degree requirements.

2) Students must meet all RIT academic standards and remain in good academic standing, in accordance with the Academic Policies and Regulations of RIT.

3) Students who fail to satisfy the standards for academic performance and progress set forth in the Academic Policies may be placed on probation, suspended or dismissed from the Partnership Program.

Student Support

1) RIT will offer NFU students the same privileges that other RIT students have, including access to all student facilities such as the library, computer network, fitness facilities, and will subject them to the same rules and regulations as all RIT students.

2) RIT staff will provide new student orientation,coordinate arrival procedures and details for enrolling students,and provide ongoing support for students after they arrive on campus at RIT.

3 ) NFU partnership students will be assigned an academic advisor in the Department of Packaging Science, and have access to all graduate advising functions within the college.