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 Key technology and equipment industrialization for efficient pesticide application of forestry pests and diseases control

Second prize of national science and technology progress award in 2018

Project accomplisher

Zhou Hongping, Xu Linyun, Cui Yemin, Ru Yu, Jiang Xuesong, Zhang Huichun, Zheng Jiaqiang, Jia Zhicheng, Li Qiujie, Cui Hua.

Accomplished unit

Nanjing forestry university, Nantong guangyi electromechanical co. LTD

Project profiles

     Artificial forest diseases and insect pests occurrence area accounted for about 80% of the forest harmful biological total area in our country. Diseases and insect are smokeless forest fires, and it not only cause serious harmfulness, bur also seriously threaten to ecological security. China's pesticide applying special equipment for forest diseases and insect pests controlling has been in a blank. Tall plant and dense canopy and are long-time difficult job for spraying pesticide. Moreover, forestry diseases and insect pests have the characteristics of strong sudden and quick spread. In this research, we proposed a series of effective methods for solving the problem, including high range, strong penetration and precision application. In order meet the requirement of forest diseases and insect pests controlling, we developed diversified series automation and multi-functional integrated pesticide application equipment. The promotion, application and commercialization of those scientific and technological innovation results serve to improve modern forestry level as well as ecological construction.

1. Main technical content

(1)The application technology system with high range, strong penetrating and good deposition has been established to realize the rapid and efficient three-dimensional control of pests and diseases oriented to low seedling and high forest from the ground to the air. The main innovative points include: high range spray technology with low volume, large-scale smoke loading technology, airborne electrostatic spray technology, and air spray technology with three outlets.

(2)A method for obtaining and analyzing tree canopy shape is originally presented. Data from various sources can be effectively utilized and integrated into the proposed system. We developed an information integration system which can be employed for intelligent plant protection machinery and precision chemical application.

(3)The diversified series automatic and multi-function integrated pesticide application equipment for forestry has been developed. Industrialization and promotion application of those scientific and technological innovation results serve to effectively controlling forest diseases and insect pests.

2. Awards and intellectual property information: two project for getting science and technology progress of ministry of education. 19 patents for invention. 14 software copyrights. Publish academic papers 149 (52 were by indexed SCI and EI). 4 industrial standards. 1 published monograph.

3. Technical and economic indicators: the maximum vertical range of is 45m, the maximum smoke emission is 420L/h, the activity of biological pesticide is above 90%, the effective utilization rate of pesticide is above 50%, and the highest ground operating efficiency of spraying is 360 acre/h, smoke emission is 690 acre/h.

4. Application and benefits: The key technologies developed by this project have transformed relevant industrial achievements, and gradually formed 7 categories and 18 models of forestry pest control equipment products. The products are spread all over the country, and also export to 14 countries and regions with a cumulative output value of 1077 million yuan. In the past three years, the output value of ground pest control machinery increased by 410 million yuan, and the profits increased by 41.352 million yuan. Over the past 10 years, the cumulative control area of ground and air control equipment has reached 540 million acre, effectively controlling the development and spread of pests and diseases, and bringing huge social and ecological benefits.