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CollegeUndergraduate   Programs
1College of ForestryForestry
2Forest Protection
3Geographic Information Science
6Water and Soil Conservation and Desertification   Control
1College of Materials Science and EngineeringWood   Science and Engineering
2Wood Science and Engineering (Construction of   Timber Structure)
3Materials Science and Engineering
4Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
5Packing Engineering
6New Energy Science and Engineering
1College of Chemical EngineeringChemical   Processing Engineering of Forest Products
2Chemical Engineering and Technology
4Biological Pharmacy
1College of Mechatronic EngineeringMechanical   Design and Manufacture & Automation
2Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
3Processing Equipment and Control Engineering
5Measurement Technology and Equipment
6Robotics Engineering
1College of Civil EngineeringForest   Engineering
2Civil Engineering (Traffic)
3Civil Engineering (Architectural Engineering)
4Water Supply and Sewage Engineering
5Engineering management
6Survey and Mapping Engineering
1College of Economics and ManagementAccounting
2Business Administration
4Information Management and Information System
5E - Commerce
6Agricultural and Forestry Economics and   Management
7Accounting (CIMA)
8International Economics and Trade
9Financial Engineering
10Tourism Management
1College of Humanities and Social SciencesChinese   Language and Literature
2Chinese International Education
4Radio and Television Journalism
5Social Work
1College of Information Science and TechnologyComputer   Science and Technology
2Software Engineering
3Internet of Things Engineering
4Electrical Engineering and Automation
1College of Landscape ArchitectureLandscape   Gardening 
2Landscape Architecture
3Urban and Rural Planning
1College of ScienceInformation   and Computing Science
2Polymer Materials and Engineering
3Materials Chemistry
1School of Foreign LanguagesEnglish
1College of Art DesignInterior   Artistic Design
2Visual Communication Design
3Public Arts
4 landscape artistic design
5Ecological Landscape Design
6Digital Media Arts
1College of Furnishings and Industrial DesignIndustrial   Design 
2Product Design (Arts Design)
3Furniture Design and Engineering
1College of Light Industry and Food ScienceLight   Chemical and Engineering (Pulp and Paper-making Technology)
2Food Science and Engineering
3Printing Engineering
4Automation of Light Industrial Equipment
1College of Automobile and Traffic EngineeringTransportation
2Transportation Engineering
3Vehicle Engineering 
4Logistics Engineering
1College of Biology and EnvironmentBioScience
3Environmental Science
4Environmental Engineering