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Research Results by a PhD Candidate from NFU Published in Advanced Energy Materials

Recently, as the first author, Liu Chaozheng, a PhD candidate from the College of Materials Science and Engineering of NFU has published an online paper titled “A Chemically Self-Charging Flexible Solid-state Zinc Ion Battery based on VO2 Cathode and Polyacrylamide-Chitin Nanofiber Hydrogel Electrolyte” (DOI: 10.1002/aenm.202003902) in ‘Advanced Energy Materials’, the top international journal in the field of materials and energy.

Prof. Mei Changtong of NFU, Prof. Wu Qinglin of Louisiana State University, and Xu Wangwang, a postdoctoral fellow of Louisiana State University were the co-corresponding authors. NFU was the first completion unit. The achievement was co-funded by national and provincial level projects.