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Reviews of Prof. Jiang Shaohua’s Group Published in ‘Energy & Environmental Science’ and ‘Nano Today’

Recently, Prof. Jiang Shaohua’s group from the College of Materials Science and Engineering of NFU has published reviews titled “Molecular Engineering of Carbonyl Organic Electrodes for Rechargeable Metal-Ion Batteries: Fundamentals, Recent Advances, and Challenges” and “Porous Aerogel and Sponge Composites: Assisted by Novel Nanomaterials for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding” in ‘Energy & Environmental Science’ and ‘Nano Today’ respectively, the top international journals in the fields of energy and nanomaterials.

NFU was the first completion unit. Prof. Mei Changtong, Associate Prof. Duan Gaigai, PhD candidates Chen Yiming and Wang Yifan were the co-first authors and the corresponding authors. The achievement was co-funded by the projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province and NFU.