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    The College of Automobile and Traffic Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, has a history of more than 60 years. The origin of the College can be traced back to the establishment of the major of Forest Mining and Transportation Engineering in 1952, and the major of Forestry Machinery application and repair (Automobile and Tractor) in 1960. The College is one of the earliest institute established professional education and research bases related to automobile and traffic engineering in East China.

    The College focuses on the close integration of talent training and social demand, which is characterized by transportation planning and operation, road traffic planning design and construction, and people-vehicle-road coordination. The College consists of four departments, two institutes, three research centers and two industrial organizations. As the core disciplines, the Traffic Engineering and Transportation are characteristic specialties of Jiangsu Province and key professional construction sites of the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” of Jiangsu Province.

    The College has formed a high-level academic team, which includes 1 young and middle-aged science and technology leader in the "333 Project" of Jiangsu Province, 4 young and middle-aged backbone teachers in the "Blue Project", 4 high-level talent training targets in the "Six Talents Summit" of Jiangsu Province, and 6 adjunct professors. The faculty team is nationally recognized in terms of academic achievements and the impact on transportation industry in China. Currently, the College has 47 faculty members, including 8 professors and 12 associate professors.

    The College attaches great importance to the quality of teaching and innovative education models. The College has established a number of off-campus undergraduate teaching practice bases and joint-training bases. In addition, the college has set up several scholarships. The College has won the first and second prizes of the undergraduate graduation thesis (design) and outstanding graduation design team awards of Jiangsu Province for many consecutive years. Students have won more than 50 national and provincial awards, such as the National Transportation Science and Technology Competition and the National Energy-Saving Vehicle Competition.

    The College has a good collaboration relationship with international renowned universities—Texas A&M University and University of Minnesota—in the student joint training and scholar visiting program, and has established long-term good cooperative relationships with relevant universities and research institutions in Germany, Japan, Singapore and other countries. Graduates are distributed across the country, which have been well received by employers. In the past five years, the employment rate of students has remained at 100%. At present, the College has 1,200 students, including more than 100 doctoral and graduate students.