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    The College of Economics and Management of Nanjing Forestry University can be traced back to the Forestry Economics Teaching and Research Group established in March 1956. The Department of Economics and Management was established in October 1985, and the College of Economics and Management was approved by Ministry of Forestry in 1987. In April 2004, the College established six departments, including the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Economics Management, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Finance and Accounting, the Department of Management Science and Engineering, the Department of Economics and Trade, and the Department of Economics Law. In September 2008, the Institute of Ecological Economy and Institute of Environmental Development Systems Engineering of Nanjing Forestry University were established. The college has a long history, profound cultural accumulation, and obvious academic advantages. The disciplines such as agriculture and forestry economics management have been playing an important role in the country. After more than 30 years of hard work and development, the college has become a national-level research and talent training base integrating economics and management. There are more than 100 faculty members in the college, including 26 professors, 36 associate professors, 16 doctoral supervisors and 48 master supervisors. At present, amount to 3,000 students are studying in the college including doctor degree and master degree candidates, undergraduates and international students .

II.Disciplines and Majors

  First-level center for post-doctoral studies: Agriculture and Forestry Economics Management First-level doctor’s degree discipline: Agriculture and Forestry Economics Management (Key Discipline in Jiangsu Province, Key Discipline of the State Forestry Administration

    Master’s degree programs in first-level disciplines: Agriculture and Forestry Economics Management, Management and Engineering, and Applied Economics Master’s degree program in secondary disciplines: Business Management degree-granting stations: MBA, Master of Accounting (MPAcc), Master of Finance (MF), Master of Agriculture.

    Undergraduate majors: Agriculture and Forestry Economics Management, Accounting, Business Administration, International Economics and Trade, Information Management and Information Systems, E-Commerce, Financial Engineering, Tourism Management.

III.Scientific Research Institutions

    Provincial and national scientific research bases: Research Center for Economics and Trade in Forest Products of the State Forestry Administration, Jiangsu Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Science—Nanjing Forestry University Research Center for Ecological Economy,Jiangsu Key Construction Base of Philosophy and Social Science—Nanjing Forestry University Quality Research Center for Economic Development.

    University-level research institutes (centers): Enterprise Management and Development Research Center, Modern Logistics Research Center, Institute of Environmental Development Systems Engineering, Rural Policy Research Center.

IV.Affiliated Institutions

   Forest Administration and Regulation Committee of China Forestry Economics Association, Secretariat of China National Parks and Nature Reserves.

V.Scientific Research and Academic Exchange

    The college has established good academic exchanges and cooperative relationships with famous universities and research institutions in the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, Finland, South Korea, Sweden, Singapore and other countries, and has established student cooperative training mechanisms with the University of Toronto and UBC., Oregon State University, Michigan State University and other world renowned institutions. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, the college has hosted or participated in more than 100 major scientific research projects, such as National 863, National 948, National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation projects, international cooperation projects, and important scientific research projects of provincial & ministerial level with funding of more than 10 million yuan. The college has published more than 800 research papers in SCI, SSCI, EI, CSSCI and other core journals, and over 50 academic monographs. The college scientific research plays an important role in related fields at home and abroad, and some scientific research achievements have reached the international leading level.

    Welcome to become a member of College of Economics and Management of NFU. 

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