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    The School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing Forestry University grew out of English Teaching and Research Section, one of the university’s first faculties. The school itself was officially established in October, 2008. It currently has four departments: Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Department of Applied Foreign Language Studies, Department of Graduate English Teaching, and Center for Master of Translation and Interpretation; along with three language teaching and research units: the Comprehensive Language Laboratory, the Institute of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and the Research Center for Translation and Culture. There are at present one Master Program of Translation and Interpreting and two BA Programs (English and Japanese) with more than 400 students. The English BA Program is one of the “Key University Programs of Jiangsu Province of the 12th Five-Year Plan". The school also offers foreign language courses such as French, German, etc.

The school has 90 faculty members, including 30 full professors and associate professors, along with 2 adjunct professors. At least 5 foreign teachers are working here every year and more than 40 teachers have studied or worked in American, British or Japanese universities.

The school offers foreign language courses to more than 15,000 students of the university at both undergraduate and graduate levels every year. It was selected by the Ministry of Education in 2011 as one of the Model Units of College English Teaching. So far it has been awarded 1 first prize and 1 second prize by Jiangsu Provincial Government for its achievements in English language teaching and research. The course “College English” has been selected as one of the “Signature Courses of Jiangsu Universities”. Both English and Japanese majors have taken the lead in the national Test for English Majors and Test for Japanese Majors respectively.

Our comprehensive language training center,a model center for experimentation and training in Jiangsu Province, consists of  24 laboratories for different purposes, including  digital network language laboratory, simultaneous interpretation laboratory, automatic high-definition recording and broadcasting room and Japanese cultural context experience room, one comprehensive network teaching platform, four professional network teaching platforms, one satellite TV receiving and recording equipment and one campus wireless broadcasting system. We have advanced teaching equipment and excellent teaching conditions, and possess a first-class language experimental training and teaching platform in East China. We also have a wealth of learning resources such as library materials, academic journals and online learning resource databases, which can fully meet the requirements of both undergraduate and graduate education, thus forming our unique teaching and research environment.

We insist on the goal of cultivating “inter-disciplinary and practical foreign language talents with distinctive characteristics of “solid foundation, wide range and strong ability”. We also continue to improve the quality of professional talents, and further enhance the comprehensive quality and employment competitiveness of graduates. In recent years, we have made a lot of achievements. Our Practice Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Programs for College Students at the provincial level and above and nearly 10 excellent undergraduate graduation designs (thesis) of universities in Jiangsu Province have been approved,and more than 100 students have successively won prizes in National English Contest for College Students, National English Speaking Contest and other high-level competitions at the provincial level and above. Graduate employment rate remains at 100%, and graduates are generally welcomed by society and employers. Nearly 20% of undergraduates each year are admitted into Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Shanghai International Studies University, the University of California and other well-known universities at home and abroad for further study.

Our college sets up some student organizations and groups such as Youth League Committee, Student Union, English Corner Association, Japanese Club, Youth Volunteer Association and Red Cross Association. Among them, the English Corner Association is the school's largest student society.  “‘Flower· Language' Double Season" Art Festival and the "Fantastic Voice" Foreign Language Song Contest are both influential brand activities of the school. These colorful student activities have prospered the campus culture, raised everyone's interest in foreign language learning and well-shaped the image of "Vibrant College of Foreign Language".