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    The College of Furnishings and Industrial Design was established in September 2008 by merging together the Department of Furniture Design from the School of Wood Science and Technology and the Department of Industrial Design from the School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering. Its predecessor can be traced back to the teaching and research section of the Department of Wood Machining of Forest Industry, set up in 1952 when NFU was founded. In 1983, based on the undergraduate program of wood machining, a three-years degree program of Furniture Design and Manufacture was set up. This program evolved into an undergraduate program of Furniture Design and Manufacture in December 1986 approved by the State Education Commission of the People’s Republic of China and the State Forestry Administration. In the beginning of 1990s, the original name of the program, namely Furniture Design and Manufacture was first changed into Furniture and Interior Design and then into Interior and Furniture Design with the development of furniture and interior design industries.

    The College is composed of the Department of Furniture Design, the Department of Engineering for Furniture and Wooden Products, the Department of Industrial Design, the Department of Design Technology, the Department of International Design and Central Laboratories. The undergraduate programs include Design for Industrial Products, Furniture Design, Art Design for Products and Architectural Industrial Products. There are 2 master’s degree programs: Design Arts ( Industrial Products Design and Theory) and Forest Engineering (Furniture Manufacturing and Interior Decoration);and 2 doctorate programs :Furniture Design and Engineering ( provincial key discipline) and Wood Science and Technology (Furniture and Wood Products Technology, national key discipline).

   The College has 40 teaching and administrative staff, including 4 professors, 8 associate professors, among whom 9 teachers hold a  doctorate degree. 19 teachers have a master’s degree, 5 of whom are pursuing their doctorate degree. At present, the total number of full-time students is up to 1000.

    The College has several a few research institutes, such as the Institute of Furniture and Wood Products, the Research Center of Furniture Design, the Research Center of Industrial Design, the Institute of Classical Furniture and Padauk Crafts, and the Ergonomics Institute. The school takes charge of editing and publishing the Journal of Interior Design Construction, which is listed on CIID (China Institute of Interior Design) and participates in editing and publishing the journal of Furniture.

    In recent years, the College has undertaken nearly 60 research projects at the ministerial and provincial level, published over 20 books and over 200 papers on influential academic periodicals in home and abroad. Meanwhile, the College takes an active role in developing academic exchanges and has established intercollegiate ties with international universities and institutions, including those from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

II.Degree Programs and Non-degree Programs

Major and degree programs

Doctorate program

Furniture design and engineering

Master degree program

Artistic design (Industrial products design and   theory

Master of engineering program

Industrial design engineering

Forestry engineering    (Furniture design and engineering

Undergraduate program

Furniture Design and Engineering

Industrial design

Product design

Undergraduate program


Core Curriculum

Non-core Curriculum

Furniture Design and Engineering

Fast Expressive Skills of Furniture, Ergonomics,   Furniture Manufacturing and equipment and Robot technology, Surface   Decoration of Furniture, Appreciation of Mainstream Furniture, Furniture Conceptual   Design, Furniture Construction Design, Wood Furniture Manufacturing   Technology, Building and Furnishing Woodworks, Whole Home Furniture System   Design, Product Planning and Design Management, Smart Furniture Design,   Technology of Upholstered Furniture Manufacturing, Digital Design and   Technology, Digital Manufacturing and Management (MES & ERP), Industrial   Engineering, Design Sketch, Design Color, Design Graphics I/II, Computer Aid   Design I/II, Design Thought and Method, Model Design and Making

An Introduction to Smart Furniture History,   Furniture Materials, Mapping and Expression of Furniture, Preliminary Furniture   Design, Exhibit Design of Furniture Prototype, Design of Healthcare   Furniture, Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation, Rattan and Bamboo   Furniture Manufacturing Technology, Green Furniture Technology, 3D Printing   Technology

Industry Design

Thinking and Method of Design,Material and Crafts,Ergonomics, Structural Design of Products,Product Design,Design of Interior Product,Geography and Culture Based Creative   Design, Product Thematic Design, Creative Service Design,Mobile Application Development Design,UI Design,Interaction Design, Intelligent Household Product Design,Structural Design of Wood Furniture, Furniture Design,Basis of Manufacturing Techniques of Wood Furniture

Advanced Sketch,Brand Strategy and Design,Design of Public Environmental Facilities,Design of Home Furniture,Design of Office Furniture,Virtual Animation Design,Design Psychology,Visual Communication Design

Product Design

Thinking and Method of Design,Geography and Culture Based Creative Design,Structural Design of Wood Furniture,Ergonomics,Intelligent Household Product Design,Special-topic Design of   Culture Creative Product,Practice of Culture Creative   Product,Basis of Manufacturing Techniques of Wood Furniture,Furniture Design Practice

Urban Furniture Design,Design of Furniture Form,Product Development Design,Product Design Practice

Brand Strategy and Design,Design of Furniture Display,User Interface Design,Creative Service Design,Soft Loading Design,Design of Furniture Art,Virtual Animation Design

Master of engineering program——Furniture Design and Engineering



Furniture Design and Engineering

Degree course


Compulsory courses

Theory and Practical Research of  Socialism with Chinese Characteristics




Basic theory course

Design Culture

Design Method

Design Aesthetics

Design Management

High-level Wood Science

Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Model

Kansei Engineering


Professional basic courses

Monograph of Ergonomics

Chinese and Foreign Traditional Furniture

Furniture Culture

Industrial Engineering


Specialized course

Modern Furniture Design

New Manufacturing of Furniture and Wood   Products

Production and Operation Management of Modern Furniture

Management of Furniture Quality

Woodworking with Numerically-controlled Machine and Program

NON-Degree course


Specialized course

Wooden Eco-materials and Decoration Products

Product System Design

Design Psychology

Monograph of Interior Product Design

Wood NDT technology

Advanced CAD

Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation

Identification of Traditional   Furniture

Method of Scientific Research

Monograph of Furniture Manufacturing and Process Automation

Building and Furnishing Woodworks

Wood Environment Science


Elective course

Compulsory non degree course

Dialectics of Nature

Interdisciplinary or equivalent master's degree

Furniture Conceptual Design

Wood Furniture Manufacturing Technology

Furniture Construction Design

Technology of Upholstered Furniture Manufacturing

Metal Furniture Manufacturing


Surface Decoration of Furniture


Master of engineering program——Industrial Design and Engineering

Industrial Design and   Engineering

Basic degree course

Dialectics of Nature

Theory and Practice   Research of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics


Engineering Ethics

Statistical Analysis   and Mathematical Model

Public professional   degree course

Monograph of Modern   Interior Product Design

Industrial design(Degree Programs)

Principles of Products   Design

Interaction Design

Visualization   Technology of Product

Furniture design

(Degree Programs)

Monograph of Modern   Furniture

Industrial   Engineering

Product System Design

Elective course

Product Form Design

Design Management

Literature Retrieval and Utilization

Monograph of   Ergonomics

New Manufacturing of Furniture and Wood Products

Kansei Engineering

Production and   Operation Management of Modern Furniture

Corporate and Brand   Image Design

Visual Media and   Application

3D Animation   Technology of Industrial Product

Management of   Furniture Quality 

Advanced   Manufacturing Technology

Wood Eco-materials   and Decoration Products

Computer Management   System

Monograph Summary

Practice of Product   Development and Design

Practice of Furniture   Production and Management

Practice of Furniture   Quality Management


Doctorate program

Doctorate program

Degree course

Public Degree course

Chinese Marxism and Contemporary


English Reading and Writing

Professional degree course

Creative System of Furniture and Wood Works


Advanced Wood Science

Design engineering

Wood Environmental Science

Non-Degree   course

Elective course

Selection of Marxism Classics

Second Foreign Language-Japanese

Second Foreign Language-German

Second Foreign Language-English

Product Service System Design

Production and Operation Management of Modern   Furniture

New Technology of Wood Processing

Furniture Culture

Kansei Engineering

Structure and Function of Composite Science

Wood Industry Environment Science

Woodworking with Numerically-controlled Machine   and Programming

Wood NDT technology

Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Model

Modern Test Technique

Method of Scientific Research

Interdisciplinary or equivalent Doctorate's   degree

Modern Furniture Design

Industrial Engineering

New Manufacturing of   Furniture and Wood Products

Management of Furniture Quality

Chinese and Foreign Traditional Furniture

     CFID was the first few departments entitled to award a doctorate degree of Furniture design and engineering in China.

    In 2004,it started recruiting master and doctorate students.

    Furniture design and engineering of our school is among the first-class key disciplines of China and Jiangsu province, and the key discipline of China forestry 

III.Affiliated Research Institutions

International Cooperation

Alberta Aspen Innovation Center

China-Italy Furniture-furnishing Design and   Innovation Center

Provincial center

Jiangsu Furniture & Furnishing Engineering   Research Center (JFFERC)

Jiangsu Industrial Design Center

Provincial magazines


University-level research institutions

Research center of furniture and wood products   engineering

Research center of furniture design

Research center of industrial design

Classical furniture and Hongmu craft institute

Institute of ergonomics

China-Finland international design center

IV.International Exchange and Collaboration

    Our school has established academic links with universities and research institutes around the world, including Italy, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Hungary.

(1)Degree programs for foreign students

  (2)  Short-term Training “Exploring Furniture industry and market in  China”for Italian students

(3)Intensive Training Workshop in Italy

  (4)  Lecturing at foreign universities

  (5)  International academic seminars

(6)Cooperation and communication with international universities