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    College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)comprises four departments of Chinese Language and Literature, Advertisement, Television Broadcasting and New Media, and Sociology. Besides, there are 2 laboratory centers, 2 university-level research centers and 5 college-level research centers. Doctor’s degree program of Social Ecology, the first-level master’s degree discipline of Journalism and Communication, and the second-level master’s degree discipline of Aesthetics are established. The CHSS is also qualified to confer master’s degree in Journalism and Communication, and two professional master’s degree in Rural Development and Television Broadcasting. Undergraduate degree programmes include those of Chinese Language and Literature, Advertisement, Social Affairs, Television Broadcasting and New Media, International Education of Chinese Language. Now the CHSS has the enrollment of 300-odd graduate students and over 1000 postgraduate students. More than 8000 students of different levels have graduated from the college during the past few years, who are all well received by the employers.    

Owing to its long history, abundant resources, and deep cultural accumulation, CHSS has attracted a team of vigorous and progressive teachers who have brilliant academic achievements, excellent ability of scientific research and rich teaching experience. Currently CHSS has 25 professors and associate professors, and a group of young lecturers with high-degrees, thus forming a rational professional title structure. In recent years, the CHSS faculty has taken charge of 7 national research subjects and more than 30 provincial subjects, published 20-odd textbooks and academic monographs, and more than 200 academic papers. The academic research of CHSS carries significant weight in China, especially in the field of social ecology, environmental sociology, eco-aesthetics, environmental communication, tourism aesthetics and eco-tourism.

CHSS sticks to the principles of‘strengthening the foundation, emphasizing the application, facing the society, promoting inter-disciplinary development, highlighting distinctive features, and cultivating practical talents of liberal arts with broad foundation, high caliber and strong capacities’. CHSS attaches great importance to cultivating students’ creativity, and keeps exploring internationalized education modes. Students at CHSS are mobilized to actively take part in the innovative education practice of college students and professional competitions. During the past three years, CHSS students have won more than 700 national- and provincial-level awards, including 5 gold awards, 12 silver awards and 16 bronze awards in national competitions.

CHSS, based on the construction of teaching and research platforms, focuses on the development of first-level disciplines and featured disciplines, and keeps improving education quality, with quality construction as the core. The research covers a wide range, including environmental and social issues, green communication, urban development, practical writing theory, advertisement creativity and the culture of communities. The digital communication training center is a provincial laboratory, complete with 3 fundamental laboratories, 3 professional laboratories and 5 studios, which are equipped with the most advanced facilities. Besides, CHSS has established over 50 off-campus practice bases, which form the education system that combines teaching/learning, researching, experimenting and practicing. The first-class facilities and management offer reliable condition for professional studies.

      As one of the national bases of quality education for college students, CHSS is in charge of the quality-oriented education and cultural activities of the university. It also recruits foreign students. For many years, CHSS has accumulated considerable experience of education, and has established reasonable curriculum and standards. Good teaching and studying styles, based on deep cultural heritage and profound humanistic atmosphere, provides a marvelous stage for students and paves a way for their future development.