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The International Education College (IEC) of Nanjing Forestry University (NFU) was

formally founded in October of 2004, which is one of directly subordinated colleges of Nanjing Forestry University. The International Education College is responsible for international students’ admission, academic affairs, routine administration and organizing Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school projects. On one side, IEC actively introduces excellent education resources, and international advanced school building ideas and modes to enhance schooling quality, standard and level; on the other side, it also makes efforts to seek opportunity to export the university’s advantaged majors to enhance the university’s reputation among international high education markets.

I. Overview of International Education in NFU

Nanjing Forestry University is one of the earliest universities to receive the international students majored in forestry since the founding of new China. The university’s international education has been last 60 years since the first batch of receiving Vietnamese’s international students in 1959. With over past decades’ development, the university’s international study’s undertaking has been steadily move forward. In 2010, the university was selected as Governmental Scholarship University of international study in Jiangsu; in 2014, it was listed as Implement Scholarship University of APFNet. In 2016, it was selected as cultivated university of “International Study in Jiangsu”. In 2018, it also has been selected as the university co-built by Education Department and Jiangsu government, and the eligible university of the project that “ International study in Jiangsu, Selecting excellent talents”. As well, it was also constantly selected as “Outstanding Group of International Study Education in Jiangsu”. In October, 2019, Nanjing Forestry University has been qualified with quality certificate of international study in China.

The university takes internationalization as one of four key development strategies, and specially set up “International Freshman Scholarship and Academic Scholarship of Nanjing Forestry University”, to attract more outstanding international students. During recent years, the volume of international students steadily grows up, the levels and structures have been constantly optimized. Until the end of 2019, the number of international students reached 800. The number of international students’ source countries has increased to 60, among of which, the international students from countries along the Belt and Road has covered nearly 50%. The university emphasizes on enrollment and cultivation of high level international students, for the time being, the scale of international graduate students steadily expands, as well, the total international graduate students covers nearly 70%. When expands the scale of international students, the university strives to select outstanding international students and constantly enhance source students’ level by means of building diverse scholarship systems for international students and enhance enrolling standards.

Relying on outstanding characteristics of forestry subject, advantages of resources, ecology and environment, the university combines the “Forestry Gene” with all steps of international students’ cultivation, and builds characteristic cultivation system for international students in China. Taking the project for APFNet full scholarship of graduate students for example, it has built four-in-one modular all-English course system including public degree courses, subject public courses, researching special courses, as well practice and research. Besides, the university emphasizes on teaching team building, it always strictly select excellent teachers with international views, abundant teaching experiences and serious working attitude for teaching professional subjects and Chinese courses, moreover, it also builds complete international students education quality guarantee system, and has cultivated clusters of potential young forestry officers, researchers and scholars for the countries along the Belt and Road.

Besides, the university has sufficient apartment buildings, libraries and multi-media classrooms with excellent facilities to provide excellent condition for international students’ studying and living life.

II. Overview of Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running-school

The undergraduate education projects of “ Forestry subject “ and “ Wood science and engineer” which was co-built by Nanjing Forestry University and University of British Columbia (UBC) are known as the qualified Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school programs with high level education certification approved by Ministry of Education, the relevant approval No. are registered as MOE32CA2A20121223N and MOE32CA2A20121224N. At present, there are nearly 200 students studying in the prigrams. The two programs have been passed the qualifying assessment of Ministry of Education, and selected as cultivation site of “ High Level Demonstration Construction Project of Jiangsu University Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running-school”. The university emphasizes on undergraduate education, and actively carries out teaching researches, constantly enhances teaching level. The university also actively expands the Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school from talents cultivation to cooperated scientific researches, especially, it has obtained the initial batch of Jiangsu Sino-foreign cooperation in running-school united scientific research in 2019.

IEC always insists on exploring excellent and advanced talent cultivation models, emphasizing on introducing abroad outstanding education resources, it also strengthens the position on international education “Going global” steps. Meanwhile, the projects of “ Nanjing Forestry University High Level Talents Cooperated Cultivation Base” for the countries along the Belt and Road, and abroad alumni association have been built in Malaysia and Vietnam. Guided by the magnificent blueprint of China’s Educational Modernization 2035, the International Education College has been making efforts to constantly strengthen the university’s “Double First-class” and High Level University construction through education internationalization.