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I.  About

College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University traces its history back to 1958, which was established in forestry machinery department. The college recruited its first undergraduate students in 1958 and set up different departments in 1960. College of Mechanical Engineering was established in January 1994 and renamed as College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in July 1997.

Currently, there are 107 staff in the college including eighteen professors, thirty-two associate professors, one person for State Council Special Allowance, one person for young expert with outstanding contribution from Jiangsu Province and Forestry Department, respectively, twenty-six persons funded by 333 Project, Blue Innovation Project of JiangSu Province, Six Talent Peak Project of Jiangsu Province and so on. Besides, there are Scientific Research Innovation Team for Jiangsu University and "Qinglan Project" Excellent Teaching Team. Currently, the staff in the college won the National Science and Technology Progress for Second Prize as well as the National Teaching Achievement for Second Prize. Moreover, there are two items for the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress for Second Prize.

The college has several majors in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation (mechanical design and automation, mechanical manufacturing and automation), mechatronics engineering, process equipment and control engineering, automation, measurement and control technology and instrumentation, and robotics engineering for undergraduate students. Among them, there are one national specialty specialty construction site, two first-class majors in Jiangsu Province, one special specialty in Jiangsu Province, and three key professional disciplines in Jiangsu Province during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan".

There are a Mechanical Engineering First-order Doctoral Program, a Mechanical Engineering First-order Postdoctoral Research Station, a “Control Science and Engineering” and “Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics” First-order Master’s Degree Program respectively in the college. In addition, “Mechanical Engineering” is a key discipline of Jiangsu Province, and “Mechanical Design and Theory” is a key (cultivation) discipline of the State Forestry Administration.

The college has established an experimental teaching center for national virtual simulation, an experimental teaching sharing platform for mechanical engineering virtual simulation in Jiangsu Province, a teaching experimental demonstration center for mechanical basic in Jiangsu Province, and a laboratory for detection of agricultural and forestry product using spectral imaging technology and control engineering, and more than 20 enterprises workstations for graduate students in Jiangsu Province, as well demonstration bases for production, education and research, three experimental teaching centers including mechanical foundation, mechanical engineering, automation, measurement and control technology.

II.  Degree Programs

Majors in “Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation”, “Mechatronics Engineering”, “Process Equipment and Control Engineering”, “Automation”, “Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation”, and “Robotics Engineering” for undergraduate students.

 Majors in “Control Science and Engineering” and “Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (for the direction of Chemical Process Machinery)” for master degree

Major in “Mechanical Engineering” for doctoral degree

Major in “Mechanical Engineering” for Postdoctoral Research

 Machinery for professional degree (Mechanical Engineering and Control Engineering)

III. Non-degree Programs

Mechanical Engineering for professional degree

IV. Affiliated Research Institutions

Institute of Intelligent Information Processing and Control

Institute of Mechatronic Engineering

Institute of Intelligent Control and Robotics

V. International Exchange and Collaboration

3+1+1 program for RWTH Aachen University

VI. Contact

Name: Qiulan Yu

Phone:  025-85427779


Address: No.159, Longpan Rd, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University